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More than twenty years ago SEA launched on market the first electronic sorter for glass recycling. In fact, in 1989, SEA designed and installed its first sorter to remove ceramic, stones and other contaminations out of Italian glass cullet.
Thanks to the experience acquired with this “difficult” glass cullet, notoriously showing a really high concentration of contaminations, as well as several chromatic shades, SEA sorters has met the appreciation of the international customers.

The strong point of SEA sorting machines has always been the extreme concentration of rejects, the excellent sorting efficiency and the highest production capacity. Those characteristics have convinced even historical users of competitors’ technology to complete their turn-key plants made by competitors with SEA sorting machines, to optimize their rejects rate.

Today, after many years of studies and researches based on more and more demanding operators of this field, SEA can satisfy any sorting requirement with the new “VETRO” series, designed and available into specific models for:
  • Foreign bodies separation (CSP) out of glass cullet: Two models available up to 30-35 ton/h throughput. RGB trichromatic cameras with 0,17mm optical resolution. Guarantee of highest reject concentration.
  • Glass cullet color separation (bottle, plate or mixed nature): Two models available up to 30-35 ton/h throughput. RGB trichromatic cameras with 0,17mm optical resolution. Combinable with CSP version.
  • Leaded glass separation: Specific model with trichromatic technology for the perfect identification of leaded glass
  • Foreign bodies separation (CSP) out of thin glass cullet (from 0 to 15mm): Specific models available for dried or moist glass cullet. Sorting technology with 0.1mm cameras optical resolution. Guarantee of highest reject concentration

Some advantages:

  • The best possible optical sorting, thanks RGB customized cameras with 0.17mm optical resolution
  • Highly concentrated rejects, thanks to customized hi-tech ejectors, allowing to operate with elevated working rhythm and maximum precision
  • Highest production capacities, automatically regulated by a feeder control device
  • Horizontal vibrating feeder included and divisible into two sections
  • Possibility of sorter separation into two independent sections, to treat two separate glass cullet flows simultaneously and into the same machine (eg. medium and large cullet)
  • Possibility of configuration with two or three outlet (double line of ejectors), for separation into three flows (eg CSP and color)
  • Integrated metal detector available (option)
  • RGB Led lighting, with automatic change of lighting source
  • Automatic cleaning system, with adjustable frequency and duration
  • Airtight optical boxes with controlled temperature
  • 15-inches display with full-color and multilingual touch-screen
  • Interactive remote control
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Reduced electric and compressed air consumptions
  • Guarantee of a market leading company since 45 years!

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