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SEA CHROME represents the most innovative and flexible sorting solution based on long terms technical experience and a strong concept.

optical sorter is equipped with high-resolution full-color RGB trichromatic cameras that, combined with HSI software system, allow a near human eye vision to precisely sort almost any small shade differences.

software setting can count on the 16 families of defects adjustment, as well as the combination of said 16 groups.

The SEA CHROME shape-sizing function integrated into the system, allows to sort out elements according to their geometric characteristics.

Unique with 7 feeding chutes:
SEA CHROME is available from 1 to 7 chutes, to fulfill every production requirement.

Program settings and adjustments are performed through a user-friendly software, which allows the real image setting directly on the sorter touch-screen, to establish the defective elements to sort out.

The hardware system is organized with easily replaceable electronic boards, using the ultimate SMD and FBGA technologies. Self-control functions (auto-diagnostics and auto-calibration) ensure an excellent operational stability.
SEA CHROME can be divided up to four independent sections, to be used depending on customer’s sorting needs (rejects double pass, reverse sorting, etc.).

LED lighting and back-ground systems, exclusively designed for SEA sorters, allow the most precise focusing of the beam on the inspection line.

Highest efficiency granted thanks to optical system composed of:
  • 14 RGB – Full color cameras with 4096pixel grating 0,1mm optical resolution and dimensional control of the defects
  • Shape-sizing integrated into the system
  • Innovative hardware
  • LED lighting system and reference background

the management software allows the use of specific functions such as the self-setting, self-control, self-calibration and memorization of specific working programs. The provision and launch of a new working program automatically occurs by choosing the desired program.

Versatility: up to 7 chutes, divisible into up to 4 sections, operating in complete autonomy and synchronized.  The sophisticated and exclusively designed management software allows the use of different customized sorting programs, making SEA CHROME the most versatile sorter available on market.

SEA Chrome perfectly suits the needs of modern food and non-food processing systems that demand the optical sorters ability to detect and reject products having a similar color but with different shades. Some typical examples for which the highest sorting accuracy is required are the allergen removal, in particular soy beans out of wheat, or separation of elements containing gluten out of gluten-free cereals (maize, rice, buckwheat). Other evident advantages arising from SEA Chrome application can be found into mixed-colors pulses process (kidney beans, lentils, peas, fava beans, etc.), for which the monochromatic, and even bi-chromatic optical sorting technologies are not able to grant the excellent performance assured by SEA Chrome trichromatic technology.
For some special applications, SEA Chrome can be equipped with additional NIR and InGaAs cameras, to identify through infrared some defects and contaminations, that wouldn’t be detectable in the visible light; therefore, the combination with RGB allows to exploit all the four frequencies.
SEA Chrome represents nowadays the state-of-the-art optical sorting technology which is able to match the increasingly stringent requirements of food commodities industry, ensuring that safety and purity requirements are met.

Some advantages:

  • Near human eye vision color sorting technology, using 16 million colors, allows the best sorting performances
  • SEA CHROME Full-color cameras optical system, with dimensional control of the defects, allows 0.1mm optical resolution
  •  SEA CHROME image acquisition allows the easy and accurate setting of the defects to remove. Software adjustment is completely automatic thanks to HSI technology
  • Shape-sizing integrated into the system
  • Most concentrated rejects, thanks to customized hi-tech ejectors
  • Highest production capacities, automatically regulated by a feeder control device
  • Possibility to have simultaneous product resort, even with reverse sorting
  • Possibility to add sloping chutes for sorter upgrading or production increase
  • Possibility to install additional cameras operating in NIR and InGaAs even after machine installation at working premises
  • Led lighting system
  • Automatic cleaning system, with adjustable frequency and duration
  • Tilting optical boxes, to allow an easy internal access for maintenance operations
  • Airtight optical boxes with controlled temperature
  • Designed mechanics grants the highest hygiene and prevents product outflow or accumulation
  • Provision with de-dusting suction systems
  • 15-inches display with full-color and multilingual touch-screen
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Interactive remote control
  • Reduced electric and compressed air consumptions
  • CE certification
  • Possibility of certification conforming with Atex normative
  • Guarantee of a market leading company for 45 years!


Input product is loaded into the in-feed hopper (1), it moves along the vibrating plate (2), until it flows on to a sloping chute (3), where it is individually checked at 360° and sorted by RGB-Full color cameras (4) (Tri-chromatic cameras for standard version) and (5) additional NIR or InGaAs cameras (option). Depending on the signals received by the optical device, the sorter software controls the pneumatic device (6), which physically separates the unwanted products out of the conforming ones, which naturally reach their discharging hopper (7). The rejected products are instead deviated by a jet of compressed air produced by the relevant ejector and discharged in the front side hopper (8). In automatic resort versions, the sorted or rejected product to be conveyed to another section of the machine to undergo an identical process.

SEA Chrome Dimensions:

WIDTH (mm) 1510 920 1510 1510 1920 1920 2470 2470
DEPTH (mm) 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690 1690
HEIGHT (mm) 2050 2050 2050 2050 2050 2050 2050 2050
POWER CONS. (kW) 230 Vac - 50 Hz stabilized
(60 Hz on request)
1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 2,5 2,5 3,5 3,5
AIR CONS AT 4 BAR (l/sec) 8,4* 12,6* 16,8* 25,2* 33,6* 42,0* 50,4* 58,8*
Air free of moisture and oil *
Data can vary according to input contamination rate.


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