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Rice, Wheat and Cereals

Color sorting


The advantages of optical sorting process immediately get evident in the neuralgic world of a food processing industry, such as the milling industry. Since some years the main trend is the integration of the traditional mechanical cleaning process for durum/soft wheat with optical sorting machines.

The main purpose is separation of foreign seeds and bodies, such as unhealthy or spotted grains, as well as grains affected by fusarium.
In the milling industry, SEA can boast several installations in the most important durum and soft wheat mills to remove spotted, mottled, sick, shriveled grains or fusarium, foreign seeds (vetch, oat, corn, soya, etc.) stones, glass.

SEA can grant food safety and excellent aesthetical and homogeneous appearance of final products, such as flour and semolina.
The insertion of optical sorter into strategic positions of the milling process facilitates and optimizes the whole cleaning process.

After lab analysis, using optical sorting on Wheat & Semolina, it became evident that besides a more homogeneous and spotless color, without brownish or dark spots (which is highly appreciated by pasta producers), optical sorting allows a considerable reduction of bacterial and mycotic agents.

SEA optical sorters also allow to recover the broken wheat, assuring production capacity increase. On broken wheat, contaminated by vetch and other foreign seeds and destined to by-products or to feed mills, the optical sorters recover almost all the healthy grains, to be sent to milling phase, allowing a quick return of the investment.

Today SEA brand is more and more synonym of efficiency and productivity of its sorting machines, whose versatility and reliability are key factors in design and development of all sorting models. 


The «optical sorting culture» is quickly getting deep-rooted in the milling industry and now, despite some exceptions, all the working diagrams foresee the optical sorters into the first cleaning phase. SEA supplies its optical sorters to food industry maize mills  to ensure healthy and good looking maize flours. Moreover, SEA has recently entered maize drying and storage industries, mainly for feed mills.


For any variety of RICE working process, SEA grants state-of-the-art sorting machines with high-throughput models, equipped with simultaneous reject resort sections and with a double vision system, having optical resolution up to 0.1mm and dimensional control of the defect.

Final products appearance, as well as food safety, are granted by SEA optical sorters; they have the ability to sort out visible defects, such as spotted, chalky, striped, yellowish, greenish and reddish grains, discolored, dark or burnt, as well as any defeated grain, paddy rice, bran, seeds, stones, glass and other foreign bodies.

The highest rice quality is obtained thanks to state-of-the-art technology exclusively designed for SEA, allowing the machine to have an optical resolution of 0.1mm and steady performances.

SEA can also assure highly concentrated rejects, thanks to reject resort configuration, double reject re-pass or Reverse Sorting, consisting in a third section of the sorter operating with reverse sensitivity, so rejecting the conforming product and recovering it.


For other kind of cereals, SEA sorting machines separate foreign and defeated grains, which are visually detected thanks to the latest technologies, such as InGaAs systems.

The wide variety of machinery ranges and configurations allows SEA to offer models having throughput from 500 kg/h up to 45 ton/h, with possibility of production upgrading even after installation and start-up.

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