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Color sorters

If you recycle:
  • PVC granules
  • PET flakes
  • Others plastic materials

If you produce:
  • Plastic pellets

"PIXEL" optical sorters allow:
  • Fractions recovering with the higher added value
  • Pellets quality control after extrusion process
    in order to separate non-conforming product
    (burning defects, spotted, tipped, etc)

  • High purity of sorting product
  • Highly concentrated rejects
  • Possibility/ies to reach highs capacities
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low necessity of maintenance
  • Quick return on the investment

PIXEL sorters can be used for the separation, based on the colour or opacity/transparency, of soaked product, in flakes, granules and pellets form.

Typical examples of some application are recycling installations of PVC profiles and PET bottles, Recycling hdPE plants, car components (Abs, Pmma, Pc, Pp, etc.).

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