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Color and resonance sorting


Quality is the first characteristic required by final consumer, that’s why producers focus their attention on ongoing quality improvement. A quick and proven solution is offered by SEA electronic sorters, used to sort several varieties of nuts, such as hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, pecan, pistachios, pine nuts and many others.

Products having non-conforming color shade, as well as spotted, rotten, moldy or not perfectly peeled ones, foreign bodies, etc. are excellently detected by SEA sorters, which can be easily set up with different configurations and specific sorting programs to reject in the same time grossly and slightly visible color defects, as well as defects of the same color.

Monochromatic, double-camera or trichromatic configurations, combined with the latest sorting technologies operating in visible, NIR and InGaAs frequencies, with optical resolution up to 0.1mm, grant the highest sorting precision and reject concentration.

The wide variety of machinery ranges and configurations allows SEA to offer models having throughput from 500 kg/h up to 14 ton/h, with possibility of production upgrading even after installation and start-up.

The precise  accuracy of mechanical design prevents products from rupturing during the sorting phase.

SEA machinery range also includes the exclusively technology offered by “SEA ECHO”  RESONANCE sorters, allowing to sort out shells, fruits still in shells, partially shelled fruits, stones, glass and other foreign bodies, even with the possibility to resort reject with “REVERSE” sorting configuration.

“SEA ECHO” PATENTED TECHNOLOGY can offer an unequalled efficiency / price ratio in comparison with other conventional Nir, Laser or Rx sorting systems.

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